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From: Georgia K.

Sent: Friday, January 15,2016

To: Whom it may concern

Subject: Thanks to Clayton Homes of New Braunfels

I am sending this email to thank Clayton homes and most importantly bring well deserved recognition to Clayton Home New Braunfels, Kim Collier and her team.

After a full year of research and determining my best options, I began my new home journey in May of 2015 at another modular home location. After working for a little more than 4 months I was very discouraged and decided I may not move forward with my new home purchase. I was giving up due to the way I was treated as a customer.

Luckily and happily I was given Kim’s name and contact information by the financing company I was working with.

From the very first time I met Kim and her team I was treated with respect and kindness. I ask a million questions and was never made to feel anything I asked or needed was a burden to those helping. After getting to know me just a little (on the first day) Kim even helped me to design a home that fits me and my lifestyle unbelievably perfect!!!

Comments told to me by one of Kim’s staff was that she felt like she hit the lotto when she was given the opportunity to work for Kim. I believe it! My experience with her was the same in every aspect of my home buy / build process. Service men and contractors expressed the same in regards to Kim directly, and her entire team.

It’s not very often in our world today that we have the opportunity to meet and work with people that are truly kind and caring. Clayton homes has that quality within the team in New Braunfels.

Thanks Again! I would recommend the entire Clayton Homes New Braunfels team to anyone starting this process. I love my new home!!

Many Many thanks Kim You’re the best!!

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